With love to the Artist Arkadi Petrosian.

Arkadi Petrosian is one of those artists whose creation interested me long ago. His works always make me joy and the unexpected beauty in them always admired me. Arkadi Petrosian's works differ from the paintings of other familiar artists with their individuality and freshness. Possessing special sense of color the artist reduces the canvas surface into timid vibrating profundity. His works provoke in me very interesting sensations. The coats of color putted one another makes perceptible the profundity and particularly this coated color drawing makes his paintings very mysterious and exciting. His works never make me indifferent. Without analyzing his works I will only mention one aspect of his painting. Indeed the artist's works are very rich in its emotion so that they are always new.

I like his works very much. I always expect from him something special. His creations belong to the nation as they enrich the national Art.

I wish him every success.