The artistic conflation of the past, presence and future in the intellectual field of Arcade Petrosian brings into the Armenian figurative Art a unique system which bears in it profound national roots. The rock drawings, tomb-stone relieves and mostly Sunik symbols freely poured into the pictorial sphere infusing a pure and fresh spirit in the space of modern reality and metaphysical world-perception. So in the space of Modern Armenian painting the place of Arkadi Petrosian is firmly predetermined.

In the last ten difficult years the Artist has participated in many art exhibitions not only in his country but also in abroad. It seems that the father who has lost his son "revenges" opening new artistic means in the art of painting. His conceptual principle of working by series is conditioned by his analytical thinking and by his free and integral expression of senses.

The compositional and formal determination of these three series includes in it free transformation of human image and other symbol forms down to the abstraction. The horizontal two-lined compositions "Orange composition" (1992), "Diverse figures" (1992), "Musicians" (1992), "Tree composition" (1991) present itself the interpenetration of local-colored surfaces and linear configurations oriented from left to right and vice versa. The colored surfaces are variable rhythmic at times contrastive which promotes to creation of monument illusion. The dense surfaces sometimes obtain aquarelle transparency, they are lightly and voluminous in spite of the picture flatness they are exceptionally rhythmic which is obtained by combination and opposition of the lines and colures.

The free flight of imagination and mind are strictly subordinated to the system of the Petrosians artistic rules. The high classicism, the impulsive and inner sincerity, peculiar to national mentality, penetrating through recreates modern pattern of "human comedy" in the basis of which lies the allegories, fables and metamorphoses. Good and evil, lights and dark are the impetuous manifestations of human contradiction, an absurd theatre of life, such is the form and the content of his paintings. The series of "Two Worlds" (1999), "Two performances" (1999), "A mistake" (2000), "Our song" (1999) are tremendous allegories of contemporary World tragic, light and senseless which reflects the inner structure of our complicated reality. The whole bouquet of colors, lines, chiaroscuro the rational and irrational sources of his creative work are the evidence of his high professional skill. Such principle of painting construction is concealed in the depths of his consciousness and sub consciousness.

A peculiarity of Petrosians temperament is that he never stays in the limits of once found artistic system. He always searches new symbols structures which in the main differ from the previous ones. The forms of antique art and the naked human body occurred in the single, two and multi-figure compositions proceeding from the formal and content aims proposed by the artist. Depending on the character mode of fulfillment and particularly from his picturesque thinking these present an innovation in our Art. In all compositions the horses and the primeval naked bodies occur in unusual linear interlacing which plastic and voluminous characteristics determines the picture borders and which breaking the concreteness of the forms leads the composition to new spaces and temporary realms. From the point of skill these subtle thought out works seen to concentrate in itself the perception of different eras and as a criterion for estimation in this works comes forward man with his plastic dynamism and struggle. What diversity of backgrounds what refinement of lines and interaction of green and yellow colors! It seems that the antiquity penetrates into our reality integrating with the conception of nowadays beauty which is revealed in the linear "focal points" and as a result all these are done to show the idea of mans everlasting fight and harmony with the Universe. "Unstable state" (1999), "Hope" (2000), "Ballet study" (2001), "Rider" (2000), "Road" (2001), "Mutual understanding" (2001), "Meeting" (2001), "On a Gee-gee" (2001) " this brilliant series are part of his creative works which summarizes the distinctive world-wide and actual art of the gifted Artist.