Yerevan had an unforgettable artistic atmosphere, especially in the Academy of Arts, in the beginning of 1960's. Hot discussions on everything new took place in the cultural life of those years. A group of young artists (Vrujr Galstyan, Seyran Khatlamajian, Henrik Elibekyan, Ara Shiraz, Martin Petrosian, Eduard Kharazian, Ervand Gojabashian) in violent searches of new means of arts and that process of creation was filling us with inspiration. I would like to mention the name of Arkadi Petrosian, an artist of figurative conception. The analytical approach to everything surrounding him was transformed into lines, colors and forms. And there is absolutely no end to his process of searches and experience. The vibrating forms of his riders either appear or disappear. His interesting paintings can be successfully joined by the architectural aspect of modern city of Yerevan. I can hardly imagine the Armenian New Wave of Arts without the creative works of this exceptional Artist.