Art is fed from the life like the tree from soil. Veracious is the art of artist in souls of which the pulse of time is beating and whose works are inspired senses directed by life. Such artists become famous in one day owing to the harmonious and expressive language of senses as well as to the linear and color structure of composition which occurs in the depths of heart. Namely owing to this virtue the Art of Arkadi Petrosian, a significant Artist of our time, conquered fame and love. In the subject which he chooses, be it composition where on the delicate and slim surface of the canvas seems to double and call one another or be it men faming the horses or mysterious obstacles, always is observed the thing matter that excites the Artist.

Arkadi Petrosian is an artist of surprises. Before his paintings you feel like standing before a super-mountable border. His paintings attract your attention with tense strained and dramatic solution in which the artist could manage to interpret and transfer the reflection of our time.